The material of Ruby capillary is divided with single and poly-crystalline Ruby.
KOSMA is producing the poly-crystalline ruby capillary and it is able to produce the various design base on customer demands because it has a good inner formation and processing characteristic than Ceramic capillary.
Also, the transmissibility of ultrasonic waves is improved and the Ruby capillary can be used under lower parameters and it is a suitable material for long life time due to high Inter-metallic and improved wear resistance.

Feature Long life, Good wear resistance, Good chemical resistance
Composition Al2O3 + Cr2O3
Density(g/㎤) 3.99
Relative Density(%) 99.75
Hardness(MPa) 2,200
Grain size(㎛) 1 ~ 3
Toughness(Mpa.m^0.5) 3.47