Expansion of factory building and office for moving
Established Kosma Lab.
Resisted to enterprise specializing in parts materials
Certified to ISO 14001
Certified to INNO-BIZ
Resisted to venture corporation(No. 051626131-101579)
Developed Auto Bottleneck Cone Machine
Applied patent for capillary design
Developed Auto Molding Machine
Resisted patent of color capillary and manufacturing method     (No.0413034)
Resisted patent of sintered Al2O3+Zr02 capillary and manufacturing
    method (No.0400263)
Resisted patent of sintered poly ruby capillary and manufacturing     method (No.0413033)
Developed Auto Inspection Machine
Developed Auto Cone Machine
Resisted patent of sintered sapphire capillary and manufacturing
    method (No.0389108)
Certified to ISO 9001
Established KOSMA CO., LTD. (Capital : US$900K)